Saturday, June 6, 2015

Romantic Double Stamping with Born Pretty Store BP-L015

Hi guys! On this lovely Saturday, I'm showing you a nail art look done with a combination of stamping and the use of chevron vinyls. The plate I'm using for this manicure is provided by Born Pretty Store. I'm using 2 designs from plate BP-L015, which you can find in this link. Don't forget, you can use my code NVG10 and take 10% off your purchase!
I usually include a picture of the plate I'm reviewing, but I'm out of pure acetone and unable to clean the plate thoroughly for it to look nice in the pic. But all the designs are shown really clear on the link I provided. The full size designs are 20mmx15mm, there are 14 of them plus 9 smaller designs at the bottom.

The polishes I used are Romantically Involved, Dark Side of The Mood, and My Silk Tie, all from OPI 50 Shades of Grey collection. Plus Mundo de Unas black for the rose stamping over red. 
I used mini chevron vinyls to separate the top and bottom part of my nails, paint the red polish on top and the grey on the other half. I peeled the vinyls right away, and created a negative space between the colors. I applied top coat before I stamp over them. 
Since I'm using 2 different designs, prior to stamping, I placed a chevron vinyls over the negative space and a piece of tape to cover the half part I won't be working on. You want to be sure that the stamping polish is completely dry before you move on to the other half, or you'll risk on pulling the design off your nail with the tape, especially when you use MdU to stamp with. 

I'm quite satisfied with the finished look of this mani. Took a little longer to do than I expected, but worth it. I think it would make my life much easier had I chosen to use regular striping tape instead of chevron for the negative space. It's an option for you guys if you decided to give this a try! :)


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