Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Glam Polish Bling It On! Trio - Swatches & Review

Hi guys! I have awesome news for Glam Polish fans out there! If you're a micro glitter whore like me, you're gonna love these new shades I'm about to show you.
Rachel, the creative genius behind the brand, will be releasing the new Bling It On! trio on May 6th, 2015. This small collection consists of 3 super blinged out holographic shades packed with holographic micro glitter. 

For more pics and details, click below..

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Press Release: Zoya Summer 2015 - Paradise Fun & Island Fun Collection

This summer Zoya is releasing 2 collections of bright colors in 2 different finish, Island Fund and Paradise Fun. All in the **Big5Free formula Zoya is famous for. 

**BIG5FREE, TOXIN FREE: Zoya Nail Polish Formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene or camphor.



ISLAND FUN (creams)
Ready for an island vacation, these playful creams embody a tropical getaway! They are strong in color to balance the brilliance of  summer fun, with a flawless cream formula.

Jace (ZP796) - Modern tropical green in a full coverage and densely pigmented cream formula. A green that is more muted than lime and surprisingly wearable!

Cecilia (ZP797) - Classic teal in a full coverage and densely pigmented cream formula.

Talia (ZP798) - True turquoise in full coverage and densely pigmented cream formula.

Serenity (ZP799) - Summer purple in a full coverage and densely pigmented cream formula. Reminiscent of beautiful blooming irises, a harbinger of summer!

Nana (ZP800) - Deep summer fuchsia in a full coverage and densely pigmented cream formula.

Demetria (ZP801) - A vibrant poppy red in a full coverage and densely pigmented cream formula.



PARADISE FUN (metallics)
Fully saturated with a gorgeous metallic sheen, these shimmering beauties are much like sunshine sparkling on water. Meant to be used as an independent color, these shades feature a full-coverage, densely pigmented formula.

Genesis (ZP790) - Crystalline white with a micronized metallic pearl finish. Designed to look like micro-fine diamond dust!

Selene (ZP791) - True teal with a micronized metallic pearl finish. A unique shade with an aqua fleck that resembles deeper layers of ocean water.

Oceane (ZP792) - True turquoise with a micronized metallic pearl finish that reflects the clearest blue ocean waters.

Isa (ZP793) - Deep blue-based purple with a micronized metallic pearl finish and an aqua flash that embodies the beauty of exotic island flowers.

Mae (ZP794) - Warm magenta pink with a micronized metallic pearl finish, reminiscent of vibrant Mediterranean flowers.

Aphrodite (ZP795) - Vibrant summer red with a micronized pearl metallic finish and multi-hued flash that brings it to life.

Zoya Nail Polish Summer 2015 collection, Island Fun and Paradise Fun will be launched on May 05, 2015. Retails for USD 9.00 and will be available from top salons and spas (in USA), and

Monday, April 27, 2015

Glam Polish Knockout Collection Part 2 - Swatches & Review (partial)

Hi guys! Do you remember earlier this year Glam Polish released the Knockout Collection, a collection of 6 with super sparkly micro glitter and ultra holo finish? Of course you do. I was drooling super hard over them, and they made it onto my wish list after this no-buy ended. Well, if the first one was good, the Knockout Collection part 2 is even better! This collection consists of four ultra holo shades and five ultra holo glitter.

Below I have a brief description of all 9 shades, and swatches of 3 of them after the jump.
SMASH! - Red Ultra Holo.
ZOOM! - Bright Blue Ultra Holo.
WOOSH! Lavender Ultra Holo.
THWAAK! - Black Ultra Holo.
WHAM! - Sterling Silver Holo with Ultra Holo Glitter.
BOING! - Lilac Holo with Ultra Holo Glitter.
POP! - Peach Holo with Ultra Holo Glitter.
KRUNCH! Purple Holo with Ultra Holo Glitter.
Zonk! Teal Holo with Ultra Holo Glitter.

Don't you just love the names in this collection?! Other than just a one-word name, the nerd in me fantasize that I'm a superhero fighting villains in style with my uber sparkly nails. Lol!

Peach Holo with Ultra Holo Glitter
This bright peach is perfect in two coats. It leans a bit of orange on me, and looks brighter on nails than in the bottle. Shown with 1 coat of top coat.




Lilac Holo with Ultra Holo Glitter
This ultra sparkly brightlilac shade with a touch of pink also covers perfectly in two coats. Love this!! Shown with 1 coat of top coat.




Lavender Ultra Holo.
This one has more holo effect than these pics are showing you, very pretty even in indoor lighting. Shown 3 thin coats and top coat.




I have no issues at all with all three shades, formula and application were perfect, these are something that you can always rely on from Glam Polish. The glitter shades only needed 1 coat of top coat for smooth finish.

All 9 shades will be available from on May 6th, 2015, 6pm EST. Shipping will be available to Australia and USA. Shipping rate to USA is USD 3.50 for the first polish and USD 1.00 for each additional bottle.
For the rest of the world, list of Glam Polish international stockists can be found in this link. Stay tuned to your favorite stockist's social media for restock/launch info.

Which one are you planning to get? Don't forget to follow Glam Polish on their social media (Facebook & Instagram) for restock and new collection release info.

**products were provided for my honest review


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Triangle Tape Mani

Hi guys! For once I'm writing a post in advance, how did that happen? Lol. This is the mani I was wearing on Sunday. This mani features the cremes from Cirque Metropolis and 2 of Glam Polish Masters of Illusions. 
My nails were so sparkly! I layered Glam Polish Now You See Me over Cirque Midnight Cowboy, and Cirque Vigo for the base. The triangles near the cuticles were done with the help of striping tape and a detail brush. 
For the accent nail, the base is Cirque Lady Libery, layered with Cirque Vigo and Glam Polish Death Defying Acts
Just look at the sparkles! <3 <3


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Formula X: Danger Zone

Hi guys! I know I'm not usually posting on weekends, but I wanted to share my weekend mani..or what could be it. I'm not convinced I love this mani and going to keep it. 
I was browsing through my stash and saw that I have a bunch of new Formula X polishes I haven't tried, most of them are glitter topper though. But then I saw Danger Zone and knew I had to wear that! 
It's a bright pink coral shades with gorgeous shimmer, dries a bit matte so top coat is definitely needed. My pics are showing it a little more orange than it is in person (or maybe it's just my computer setting). I used 2 coats and 1 thin coat to get full coverage and completely hide my nail lines. 

And then I ruined it with my so called nail art, lol. I wanted to make daisies with the white and yellow glitter, but I probably should've used the smaller glitter pieces. Once again I overestimate the size of my nail beds. 

Add caption
Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend! See you on Monday, I have exciting swatches to share with you then! :)


Thursday, April 23, 2015

OPI DS Couture

Hi guys! Today I'm just sharing a simple mani using one of my most treasured polishes, OPI DS Couture. I still remember back when indie brands were practically non existent, and seeing these DS Polishes was like looking at magic in a bottle. 

As much as I want to show you the gorgeous holo effect, my lightbox setup can only let me captured so much of its beauty, and I don't like to use flash for my swatch pics. 
So here's DS Couture in 3 thin coats and top coat..




Do you own any of these old holographic DS? 
I was choosing between DS Vintage and Couture to wear today, and Couture won. I'll show you DS Vintage another day :)


Monday, April 20, 2015

Gradient Roses

Happy Monday! Today I have a somewhat bright manicure, inspired by pic of a cake I saw someone posted on a facebook thread. The cake was decorated with roses all over it, but in a gradient teal shades. Very pretty! I'd feel bad eating it. 
I never quite get how to make a pretty roses, I saw it on others all the time and wish mine would turn out that good. But, I'm pretty satisfied with these!
The 3 roses shades I used are  Picture Polish Marine, Cirque Lady Liberty, and Picture Polish Tiffany. The darkest teal shade on the roses is OPI Ski Teal We Drop.
On the other 3 nails, I used Cirque Lady Liberty as the base colour, and Picture Polish Tiffany for the roses, accented with Cirque Vigo and Picture Polish Marine. 


Friday, April 17, 2015

Peacock Feathers w/ Born Pretty BP-L007 & Glam Polish

Hi guys! Today I have a stamping decal featuring a plate from Born Pretty Store and Glam Polish shades I reviewed on the last post. It's a rather vampy, yet sparkly, manicure. Not sure yet if I'll be keeping this for my weekend mani, but at this moment, I just can't stop staring at them!

For my base, I used a thin layer of Glam Polish Death Defying Acts over OPI First Class Desires. I made my decals on a ziploc bag, using Mundo de Unas black and peacock feathers design from plate BP-L007 (you can find it in this link). Then I filled in the feathers with 2 Glam Polish shades, Now You See Me, Deceptive Practice, and Death Defying Acts. For the accent nails (pinkie and index), I used mini chevron vinyls and use the same Glam Polish shades. I sealed off the design with HK Girl top coat.

Happy weekend guys!! :)

**products used on this post were provided for my honest review.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Glam Polish Masters of Illusions Collection Swatches & Review (Partial)

Hi guys! If you're a fan of Australian indie brands, then you probably heard of this recent collection released by Glam Polish, Master of Illusions collection. Rachel, the creative brain behind the brand, created 9 amazing special effect shades (6 colour-shifting shades and 3 sparkling shades), filled with flakies, holo, micro flakies, and colour-shifting flecks. All the goodies packed in one bottle! And today I have the pleasure of sharing 3 of them here. 

Although these are called 'special effect' shades, you can also wear them on their own, without undies (base colour), like what I'm showing you here. I will show these over a base colour another time, maybe on a nail art post :)
The formula, although packed with sparkles-flakey-flecks, still amazingly easy to work with. My only suggestion is to apply carefully and minimize any need of clean up, tiny flakes and flecks are just as painful as micro glitter when it comes to clean up.

I have a ton of pictures for your viewing pleasure, just click below..

Monday, April 13, 2015

Cotton Candy Nails

Happy Monday! I think I'm having monday blues with this gloomy weather we have here today. And the cure for that, other than a cup of hot rolo, is to have pretty colours on my nails! 

The sponged base really reminds me of cotton candy, I just love it! The base I mean, though I also like cotton candy. The colours I used for the base are OPI Do You Lilac It?, OPI Mermaid's Tears, OPI What's With The Cattitude, China Glaze Feel The Breeze, China Glaze Sun Upon My Skin, and Color CLub East Austin, done over Cirque Carpe Diem.

I can't stop staring at my nails! Love these so much, all that clean up was so worth it! Lol!
Hope you guys enjoyed it too :)


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cirque Colors Metropolis Collection - April Release: Vigo & Sunset Park

Hi guys! Today I'm showing you swatches of Cirque Colors new shades for April. As you probably already know, Cirque is releasing one or two new creme finish shades every month for The Metropolis collection. A collection inspired by the great city of New York.
As I have experienced with previous releases, these two shades have the same excellent quality. Great formula that makes it a breeze to apply, and nice opacity. They only require 2 coats for full coverage. Both dry to a glossy finish. 

All swatches here are using Cirque Holdfast base coat and Liquid Laminate top coat.

Vigo, an orchid pink creme.



Sunset Park, a bright coral creme.



You can also find swatches from previous months' release by clicking these following link, January, February, March.

These are available from Cirque Colors starting April 1st, 2015, and from their stockists some time after that. You can find the complete list of their stockists in this link

Connect with Cirque Colors

**Products were provided for my honest review