Wednesday, November 19, 2014

OMG Nail Strips Review - Lollipop

Hi guys! Today I did a product review of something that I have never used before, nail strips/nail wraps. OMG Nail Strips contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their products. I hesitated, because honestly, if I could mess up a simple water decal there's a good chance that I might mess this one up too, haha. I went and browsed on their website and saw they have quite a few cute designs that I like, so I decided to give it a shot. They have 2 kinds of nail wraps, stickers and foils. I chose both stickers, which now I regret and wish I chose one of each kind to try. 

Here's the two set I chose, but today I'm only showing you one of them, the Lollipop nail strips.

Each set consists of 14 nail strips of different sizes, you can see the measurement under each strip.  (One of the strip came a bit damaged, but I can still use it without a problem)

There are instructions on how to apply these strips at the back of the package, and you can also watch the application instructions provided on the website.

It took an entire Men in Black movie for me to figure out how to do this properly, and get these done, haha. 

Here are the steps I did for applying these:
  • I wipe my nails with q-tip dipped with remover to get rid of any oil residue on the nail.
  • Measure each strip to fit the nail. Using a small scissor, I cut both sides of the strip so the design still look centered. I also took a bit off from the top of the lollipop so the lollipop stick is more visible, otherwise it's only showing about half than what's showing now.
  • After removing the clear plastic coating and taking the strip off its backing, place the strip on the nail, carefully push down the sides and smooth the surface making sure there are no air bubbles. Orange wood stick helps for pushing the sides down, use it gently. 
  • Cut the left over on the tips if there's a lot of it. I cut and leave about 0.5 cm left to make it easier to file off. When filing off the excess, angle the nail file parallel to the surface you're working on. So you are actually filing off the excess strip and not the tip of your nail.
  • Dipped a q-tip in acetone and lightly dab it on the nail. This step is not written on the package, but it was mentioned on the video. Dabbing the strips with acetone sort of melt the strips and make it adhere better (I think), I didn't do it on the middle nail and didn't notice much difference. If you do, be careful not to nick the nail cause it becomes a bit sticky.
  • Apply top coat. I use OPI top coat for this, as recommended. I tried using HK Girl top coat on my first try, but it didn't go well. The edges were lifting after a few minutes.
The strips remove like regular polish, just use cotton pad/round and polish removal. 

Overall, I'm now more open to the idea of using nail strips, now that I got the hang of it. Though I won't use it for my daily mani (cause I need to wear my nail strengthener and I haven't tested if it will work the same over it), I definitely like this for when I go on a trip. Or just using it for an accent nail. I had to cut all the strips I used to match my nail size, cause my nails are slim. But that really didn't take long at all. I bet next time I can get these done a lot more faster! :)
There are so many selection of cute nail strips on their website. I'm saving the other set for the first snowfall here, hopefully it's sometime before christmas!
Each set retails for USD 7.99, but there's a coupon code you can use to get 5 sets for USD 25.00 (5SET), awesome deal! What do you think? Is this something you might want to try?

OMG Nail Strips: Shop - Facebook - Instagram

**product was provided for my honest review



  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who took forever to work out how to use nail strips! Lol

  2. The lollipops are pretty cute! I wonder how wear time is on this brand? When I tried Winstonia Stores they peeled up right away. :( The Sally Hansen ones have great wear time though. :)

    1. The brand says the strips are good for 10 days, I'm on day 2 and it's still wearing great, no tip wear. I did have a little accident while cooking and slice a little part of it, but that's my fault, lol.

  3. Oh wow, these look really cute! The only strips I've tried were Jamberry and I had a terrible experience. But I've heard the nail polish kind like these are a lot easier to use and better quality so yeah, I may have to try these out!

  4. Adorable designs! I like the snowman design! The Sally Hansen strips were how I got into nail art, so I enjoy the polish-based nail strips :)

  5. Those look really good on you! I can't get over how perfect your nail shape is!💜💜

  6. These are so cute!! I can't wait to see the snowmen!! Don't worry, it would have taken me a whole movie too!

  7. Okay, those designs are so freaking cute. I love how they look on you as well!

  8. I always love the look of wraps, but I never end up wearing them either!

  9. These look pretty cool! I've never worn nail wraps but it's nice to hear that these are good ones!

  10. the lollipops are a really cute design! I feel like they probably aren't worth the hassle to me, but I can appreciate their cuteness :)

  11. These are super cute! It is definitely a learning curve to use nail strips (I've only used the ones that apply like water decals) so I alway just use them for accents. LOL!

  12. Lol, they're so fun! I think I've never actualy worn nail strips... or maybe once.. It's difficult to get them perfect!

  13. I have tons of this kind of stickers and only recently tried the very first one. My attempt wasn't as good as yours though :( I guess brand does make a difference here!

  14. These are pretty cute! I'm not a fan of wraps in general but they sure would make life simpler sometimes!

  15. I also take forever to do nail strips that it makes it not worth it for me to use them even though there are such cute ones out there!