Friday, May 31, 2013

OPI Taylor Blue Swatches and Fly Comparison


Today I have for you, OPI Taylor Blue. This is a shade made exclusively for Taylor's Gift Foundation. It is an organ donor organization inspired by Taylor Paige Scorch, click here for full story and more information.

OPI Taylor Blue
OPI Taylor Blue. This shade looks more teal in person, and not as blue as the picture here shows. Unfortunately, my camera refused to pick up the green in it. 

I have been wanting to do comparison of Taylor Blue and Fly, curious to see how close are they in person. Here they are..

Bottle shot
Pinky&middle: Taylor Blue; Ring&index: Fly

It's really hard to tell which is what in person. Fly is just sliiiiiightly darker and the formula is a bit thicker than Taylor Blue, but both are easy to work with. I used 2 medium coats and 1 coat of Poshe for the swatches.

If you missed out on Fly, from Nicki Minaj collection, this would be a great choice! Or just get it anyway, like I did ;) It's for a good cause. You can order(and donate) for Taylor Blue here.

And lastly, since I'm always tempted to layer my cremes, I had to do it too this time :). I think I've found the perfect undies for Lynnderella I don't Mean Rhinestones! 

Hope you enjoyed the post!


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