Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pink Checker with Too Fancy Lacquer Lovelock Duo

Sometimes, there's a day when you just want to paint your nails.. after you just painted them. That day for me was yesterday. I had a lovely shade on my nails, but seeing that today is going to be sunny, I felt the need to wear something bright. I remember I've had these gorgeous duo for a while now and have not had the chance to put them up here. 

The Lovelock Duo consist of This Love is Smokin' Hot, a bright neon pink with subtle holographic effect, and Love Diamond, a strong linear holographic silvery lilac with hints of pink. My bottle of This Love is Smokin' Hot was pretty thick and almost goopy, but a few drop of thinner fixed the problem. I love this pink! I found no issue with Love Diamond, great formula and opaque in 2-3 coats. 

Too Fancy Lacquer Lovelock Duo

I started this mani with painting all my nails with the bright pink. it dries pretty quick I didn't even need to top coat it before using scotch tape to do the checker. I did put the tape on my hand first to make it less sticky.
Using the tape, I covered the half bottom of my nail and using the polish brush I painted half of the exposed area and pulled off the tape. I did this step to all nails before moving on to do the bottom part. 
Next, I used 2 pieces of striping tape placed vertically and horizontally from the corner of the top square, then painted it with Love Diamond and peel off the tape immediately. Viola! My checker nails are done! 
For my pinkie and thumb I just covered half the nail with scotch tape, paint it over and peel off. Finished everything off with Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat.

Too Fancy Lacquer This Love Is Smokin' Hot (bottle)

Too Fancy Lacquer Love Diamond (bottle)
I purchased this set from one of their distributors, Dazzled. Shipping rate is reasonable to Canada, and the process time is quick. Too Fancy Lacquer is also available to purchase from Color4Nails, or directly from their bigcartel shop.


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