Thursday, August 7, 2014

Girly Bits Our Lips are Sealed

Today I have another untried Girly Bits from the latest collection 80's Girl Bands, Our Lips are Sealed. I have had this on since yesterday, and I think this has become one of my favorite pinks! I don't have that many pinks that I'm really in love with, since most pinks seem to look weird on my skin tone. 
From the creator's description, Our Lips are Sealed is a fluorescent pink shimolo, pink holographic with violet and silver shimmer, and silver holo sparks. 
The formula is pretty great, although you might want to do less strokes on the first coat. I found that doing more strokes than needed on the same spot causes bald spots easily. However, the second coat self level really nice and fixed whatever patchy spots I had in the first coat. I used three thin coats and top coat.

Girly Bits Our Lips are Sealed

Girly Bits Our Lips are Sealed
This pink looks almost neon against my skin tone, and made me realize how tan I am now! My pictures here really don't do this polish justice. Under the sun, all the sparkles come out to distract you, the holo effect is not the in your face type, but with the shimmer combination, it's totally gorgeous. No kidding. 
Now here's the part where I regret messing with my mani, I should have just left it alone. I didn't really need to add anything to make it look pretty, i just couldn't help myself!
I stamped over it with Pueen Encore SE03A & SE04A and Mundo de Unas 21 & 56.

Girly Bits Our Lips are Sealed

Girly Bits Our Lips are Sealed
Do you own this polish yet? If you don't, well I highly recommend this pink! And you could buy this directly from Girly Bits or their retailer, you can find the list of distributors on this link.


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