Thursday, September 18, 2014

Soda Stripes with OPI Coca Cola Collection

Today I have a simple stripes manicure using some of the shades from OPI Coca Cola collection and striping tape. I find these three shades work so well together! At least they do here. Polishes used are Sorry I'm Fizzy Today, Green On The Runway, and My Signature is DC.
I started with Sorry I'm Fizzy Today as the base and place the tapes once the base dried. Since some of the lines are quite thin, I used a nail art brush to fill in the space. Better control and less clean up. That silver is such a pitb to clean up! Haha, the tiny silver bits are so stubborn! One good thing about it, the silver works well for tape mani like this, even though it dries faster than the rest, I still get a really crisp line. 



  1. I like that angle, it makes it look like striped candy. Great color combination!