Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Glam Polish Pop! Nail Art

Ok, so I enjoyed doing comic-type graffiti nail art yesterday, which also happen to be the name of the polish. Today I'm back with another polish from the same collection by Glam Polish, Knockout part 2, with similar nail art as I did yesterday. 
I swear I think I'm starting to need a magnifier glass while doing my nail art. I always caught something that needed to be fixed while editing the photos, even then sometimes I need to look twice to find what I see on the screen, on my nails!

Oh well. I hope you're okay with some imperfection. Here goes, Pop!

If only I'm not on a long no buy (5 months and going strong, go me!), I would totally get the rest of the polishes from this collection and do this nail art for every single one of them!
Oh, and just in case you're not familiar with the brand (gasp!) or the collection, this one is called Pop! from Knockout collection part 2 released early this month (swatches & review for 3 of them can be found here)


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