Friday, November 1, 2013

Comparison: Devoured vs Unorthodox Annie

Hi guys!

So, when I was swatching CbL Unorthodox Annie, I had the feeling that the the shade is similar to something I recently wore, Ethereal Lacquer Devoured. You can see swatches for Devoured here. But remember I used 2 coats there, and I am using 3 coats for this comparison post.

Bottle shot
For this comparison swatch I used 2 coats of Unorthodox Annie, and 3 coats of Devoured.  Unothodox Annie is much more opaque in the first coat, while Devoured has a  jelly like formula that is a little sheer on first coat but you can build the opacity in 3 coats, like what you see here. 
Devoured is described as oxblood holo, and Unorthodox Annie is a deep bronzed plum holo. Up close you can see that devoured is showing more reddish brown. But in arms length (well, even less than an arm length) they are pretty close for me to see the difference.

Devoured vs Unorthodox Annie

Devoured vs Unorthodox Annie
Under artificial lightning. Both has great holo effect, but Unorthodox Annie has a slightly stronger rainbow effect. For me, Unorthodox Annie can be a good substitute if you missed the first A Box, Indied and you wanted Devoured.

Devoured vs Unorthodox Annie

What do you think? I'm not calling them an exact dupe, for sure. But they seem close enough to me.



  1. Thanks for the comparison, I'm so glad that I got Annie.

  2. Ah, frick, I have them both and hadn't noticed this yet, they are really close..

    Thank you for comparison!!!!