Monday, July 15, 2013

Mac's Froster Inspired Gradient

Hello again!

As the title said, this is my first inspired mani. Just in case you're not familiar with Mac's, it's a convenience store in Canada, just like 7/11. I took a walk late last night, thinking I could use some pick me up from Starbucks, which I thought open 24/7, but I was wrong. So I went in to Mac's instead and got froster. I don't drink soda very often at all, so it's like a treat for me. On my way back, I looked at my drink, and (of course) thought, hm.. this could make a pretty gradient mani. I just wish I had my phone with me so I can take a pic of my drink. But I'm sure it's not hard to imagine at all.

My Froster combo was:
Bottom: Mountain Dew - OPI Banana Bandana
Middle: Orange Soda - OPI Osaka-to-me Orange
Top: Sprite - OPI My Boyfriend Scales The Walls

On my ring finger is Froster cup logo, free handed over a saran wrap mani with Osaka-to-me Orange & Banana Bandana. The colors used for the logo are OPI Alpine White, OPI Eurso..Euro, OPI Can't Find My Czechbook .


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