Thursday, July 25, 2013

Orly Glowstick (And Some Nail Art)

Hi guys!

Summer doesn't feel complete without some in-your-face neon nails, and I have just the perfect polish for it! Orly Glowstick. What an appropriate name for this polish!

As most of neon polish does, this tend to be a bit streaky to wear on its own, and I just don't feel like dealing with streaky polish. So I layered it over white polish. I used 2 thin coats and it looks perfect! Well, aside for the rubbery finish, but that an easy fix, apply top coat, and voila! I have a glossy neon mani.

As expected, my camera freaked out a bit. It's a bit more brighter in person, and the yellow is like highlighter yellow to me.

Orly Glowstick

Orly Glowstick
And then (of course) I added a little bit of nail art. I used Bundle monster BM-319 from 2012  collection set, and stamped with Zoya Hazel. I think of it like a filter for the brightness, although it doesn't really help much, but that's a good thing I guess :p

All my polishes and stamping plate I used here were purchased from Nail Polish Canada. They are currently offering free shipping with no minimum to anywhere in Canada. Go check them out! :)
What do you think of the stamping combo I used? The design looks subtle, but I personally love it!


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