Friday, July 19, 2013

Mint Manis For Talia Joy

Hi guys,

As most of of you know, people in nail polish/beauty community are collaborating today to  do something to remember this beautiful soul, who has been an inspiration for millions of people with her spirit, attitude, and creativity, Talia Joy. 

Here's my MintManisForTaliaJoy

I used Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet for the base on all fingers, layered with Enchanted Polish Britney SpearMint. 
On my thumb & index, I did a glitter gradient with Dollish Polish Just Keep Swimming. 
Middle finger, I used striping tape to create the criss-cross pattern.
Ring finger, stamped a design from BM-317 plate with China Glaze Aquadelic.
Pinky, stamped a design from BornPrettyStore CK-04 plate with China Glaze Aquadelic.

Feel free to share your mint manis on my Fb page, I would love to see them! :)


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