Sunday, December 29, 2013

Swatches: ILNP Purgatory

Hi guys!

Sorry for the lack of posts these days. I'm still on house sitting duty, and don't even have my computer with me. But I've done some swatches before I leave and saved up some blogging material, this is one of them ;). Aside from blogging, I'm kicking myself for only bringing 7 polishes for 3 weeks away from home. 7? What was I thinking?! Lol.

Anyway, this pretty I'm showing you here is Purgatory from I Love Nail Polish. The creator described this as an eerily deep and dark teal polish loaded with the perfect combination of sparkle and multichrome effect pigments. 
Might be just me, but the base looks like a deep dark blue to me. It looks darker on the nail than in the bottle. The shimmer is showing nicely under a bright light, but indoor (which has poor lightning btw) I couldn't see any shimmer at all. 
Formula is great and very opaque. Could almost pass as a one coater for shorties, but I used 2 coats and HK Girl top coat here. I'm thinking this would be a good stamping polish. My only concern is this might be a stainer. I've only worn this for swatching and removed it right after, and saw a very slight stain. So I suggest a double base coat for this, just in case. 

ILNP Purgatory

ILNP Purgatory

ILNP Purgatory
Purgatory and other ILNP shades can be purchased directly from their website here. They retail from USD10.00 - USD12.50 for a full size 12ml bottle, and $3.75 for a 3ml sample sized bottle.


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