Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Favorite Nail Art

Hi guys!

I didn't plan to do this kind of post. But I can't sleep, I'm still mourning my phone that went into a coma state after I dropped it in the toilet (gross, I know. And of course it's accidental), clumsy me. So this is kind of an impromptu post. I take a look at my pinterest board, and take a walk in memory lane of my nail art journey since I started blogging. I'm amazed of what I've accomplished, my free hand skill improved a lot since 31 day challenge this September. I honestly didn't think I could do all that, so I'm glad I decided to participate.

So here are my 5 favorite nail art, in no particular order. The title link to the original post, if you missed it.

Gradient Turtle Shell
My first popular nail art post. It's easy to do and looks amazing. I'm still thinking of recreating it with a different color palette. I also created a tutorial for this mani, featured on Nail It website here.

Skittle Wattermarble
I love watermarble! And this is my favorite watermarble mani. So colorful! :)

Christmas Ornament
This is one of my recent mani for this holiday season. I love how I could incorporate so many colors in it, and it still feels like christmas.

This is probably one of those nail arts that took me hours to create, and it's so worth it. I really love it! It hurt me to take it off the next day, lol.

Black & White: Chess
This is also one of my nail art that I'm proud of. One of those days in the challenge that I was worried if I can translate the idea in head to my nails, and I must say, I did good on this one.

I'm hoping to do more nail art in this upcoming year, and improve my skill. Hopefully create more tutorials as well, but I can be lazy sometimes :p
Is there any of my nail art that you like but didn't make it to this post? :)

Happy New Year to you all! Thank you for all your support on my tiny little corner this year. I hope to keep sharing my love of nail polish and nail art with all of you next year. 



  1. Dry your phone off really good, take the battery out and put it in a bowl/ bag/ cup of uncooked rice overnight (all day). It'll soak up the water making it useable again. Just make sure it's covered.

    1. Thanks Sarah! That's what I did. It's still sitting in the rice, I'll wait longer just to be sure.

  2. I love the chess nails and I'm definitely going to give the turtleshell ones a try! Oh no, dropping your phone in the toilet is the worst -- the problem is when you tell people about it, a good number of them run away screaming "grosss!" :)

  3. Oh my gosh, that water marble one is amazing!! Your color choices are amazing! I always think of doing contrasted colors but never think to do something like that! Amazing!