Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Flower & Nimbus Nails

Hi guys!

Today's mani is a combination of water marble and my first try on Nailasaurus Nimbus nails. They don't look anywhere near as cool as Sammy's, but I still like it! 
My watermarble is with Butter London Cake-Hole, Giddy Kipper, and Nicole by OPI Stand by Your Manny, over a white base. I love how the watermarble pattern resembles flower petals.  The nimbus nails are using the same Butter London shades, and I added some sparkles with INM Northern Lights. I sealed off everything with HK Girl top coat, my holy grail top coat.

Have a happy hump day! :)



  1. This is so pretty! I love it :)

    xo Maddy | spilledpolish

  2. Off the bat, I would say I'm not particularly fond of the banner. It is by far NOT the worst I've seen. However, it looks blurry and kind of has that bad nostalgia over "Paint" from when I was a little child. My suggestion would be to at least update it with a clearer picture, even if you went with the same font/colors. I think it would be fun to see it less random and maybe a sort of rainbow or ombre or color scheme. Maybe choose your favorite 3 colors to use, or something. It kind of just says "child" to me, personally. Again, it's not horrible, and I didn't mean to ramble on about it! I'm just trying to be helpful! :) Otherwise, the design is nice and clean so that's good!

    I have done a lot of reading on what makes/breaks blog followers, and the two biggest things I've read, you're missing. So I would suggest adding a Search bar near the top of your page. Also, and this is the #1 thing - people say over and over that the first thing they check out is the person - NOT the blog. They want to see your picture on the page and read about you in your About Me. People want to have that connection, so making your blog personal is a big must for most followers.

    Also, I would suggest cutting down the number of posts per page. I'd say around 2-3 posts. This way, it prevents lots of scrolling - and more importantly - lots of loading issues, which can cause a lot of computers to spaz out. Definitely wouldn't want that. haha

    That was a lot of writing but not actually much to it!

    Otherwise, your blog looks great! The writing is great, the photos are clear and nails are cleaned really well! The posts are interesting. Actually, even though most of this was to give helpful advice, I actually think I'll follow you! :) Really loving your nail arts!

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for your honest feedback!
      You got me! Although it's not a Paint job, it was a result of my quick and dirty resize on photoshop. I do plan on fixing it, but I like the childish look of it, lol.
      I need to give serious thinking about adding my pic, I try to let out my personality as much as I can in my writing, not sure how that works out. I just don't take many pic of myself, if at all, lol. But I'll work on it ;)
      I like reading comments, and constructive criticism is always welcomed! :)

    2. Well it does have a fun look. I think just figuring out the sizing so it doesn't blur would do the trick. :) And if you don't want to add a pic, I think having a good About Me would do fine! :)

  3. Fantastic! I love this look, and the colours mesh so well!

  4. Hi Novita!
    I came from the WPNFF Blogger's Camp. The previous commenter has already mentioned the header, another thing I wanted to draw your attention to is quality of photos. I wouldn't recommend cropping them so closely since that reduces overall quality. I suggest either taking closer shots from the start or choosing farther crops. Apart from that, I don't really have more advice, good luck and happy blogging! :)

    1. Hi there :) Thank you so much for your feedback! I think I will have the time to sit and fix my header (or even made a new one) this holiday. As for cropping my photos, I don't crop them as much as you think, my photos are probably about 70-80% of the original size, I just don't like showing the background. So I guess when some of the photos are not as focused as the others, it's because of my unsteady hands, or my old camera just refuse to focus right sometimes, lol.

  5. These look gorgeous! I love the watermarble -- it does look just like flowers :)