Monday, July 7, 2014

Chaotic Neon Galaxy

Hi guys! Today I have a nail art post, which also my NOTD. I had planned to do a different, more intricate nail art, but it didn't turn out. While scrolling through instagram, I saw a post that inspired me to do this mani. It was Wondrously Polished, Lindsey's galaxy mani. I think she does one of the best galaxy nails I've ever seen. I can only hope mine will be as good as hers one day.

My galaxy nails is a neon themed. I used all the shades from OPI Neon 2014 including Put A Coat On!,  Zoya Storm, and OPI In True Stefani Fashion. I finished my mani with one coat of HK Girl top coat. As these are neons, it's difficult to capture the true brightness. These look more vibrant in person!

On a random note, I sliced one of my nail while making salad today and had to chop it down really short. I clipped and filed the rest to keep them all in a same length, but I realize now I didn't do a good job at that, haha. Not gonna tell you which nail, but you're welcome to guess :p 



  1. This is such a fun manicure! :)

  2. What a great summer nail art design! ....and I am going to guess it was your pinky. :)

    1. Thank you! It was so bright and fun :)
      and.. it was my ring nail ;)