Monday, July 14, 2014

Stripey Chevron

Hi guys! I have a nail art that I wore for the weekend on this post, plus a quick pictorial for this manicure. This mani is inspired by a dress, which I will be showing in one of the pics. It's quite a fun look, and you could always do it in a different color combo. So many choices!

What you need:
3 shades of polish, 
I used OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around, OPI 20 Candles on My Cake, OPI Euro..Eurso
Striping Tape
Nail Vinyls, I used chevron minis vinyls

Paint the base color, wait until completely dry before starting the next step. I used a quick dry top coat to speed up the process.
Place 2 pieces of chevron mini vinyls horizontally in the center on the nail.
Place striping tape over the chevron tips on both sides, make sure there is no space between the tape and nail so polish doesn't spread under the tape. Put more striping tape towards to cuticle and tip (as pictured)
Paint over the tape and vinyls, one color on the half top and another on the half bottom.
Pull the tape and vinyls immediately while the polish is still wet.
Clean up (if necessary) and top coat. Use a generous coat to get a smooth finish and to prevent smearing. I used HK Girl top coat.


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  1. Such nice even lines! Striping tape gives me brain aches!