Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pueen Encore Set

So, today's post is a little different than my usual posts, but I had a blast doing it! I recently bought this new set of stamping set by Pueen, the Encore set. This is my third set of Pueen plates, and since I'm pretty happy with the first two I got, I thought I'd do a review on this one.

This set consists of 4 double-sided 10x10cm square plates. Each plate has an individual plastic cover and blue film that needs to be peeled off before using. Pueen recommend to peel the center of the plastic cover, leaving it as a 'frame' for the plate. 
I didn't do mine that way. Figure that I would need to get the plate out of the cover anyway, I cut off the top so I can easily take the plate out and put it back in. 

I have more detailed pictures of the plates and some 'swatches' (I guess I can call it a swatch, right?) of the designs that caught my eye. Just click below for more :)

All my stamping here were done with Mundo de Unas Black, over OPI Put A Coat On, and Konad stamper. I didn't top coat them since I just did a quick stamp and remove right away. I also apologize for lack of clean up and dry cuticles on some of them.
Just for additional info, my nail size here is approximately 1cm wide and 1,3cm from cuticle to tip. 

The easiest plate to use out of all. The champagne bottle and glass look so cute, but a bit too long for me. 
Pueen Encore SE01A

The round flowers here are all pretty, but also a bit too wide for me but some still usable, like the third pic below. The two I tried here are great for lead lighting or decals.
Pueen Encore SE01B

This plate has combination of images for both long and short nails. My favorite is the flower on the bottom.
Pueen Encore SE02A

There are a few cute ones in here, but I'm not particularly fond of this plate. The bird cage is adorable, but you can see how much it fits on me. But it will look awesome on longer nail I'm sure, you can split it to 2 nails

Pueen Encore SE02B

LOVE the peacock on this plate! All the designs around it are easily usable and a decent size.
Pueen Encore SE03A

This is my least favorite, the half top left design seems too messy on the nail. The butterfly on the left bottom (not corner) is pretty but way too big. But I like the details on the bottom right corner, and it picked up nicely.
Pueen Encore SE03B

Another easy plate! You can just stamp anywhere and get a pretty floral design. 
Pueen Encore SE04A

I almost missed the face on this plate! The first time I found a design that didn't pick up easy was on this plate, the designs above the face. Tried it twice and got the same result.
Pueen Encore SE04B

Overall, I'm very happy with this set! Each side has about 8-14 different designs you can use, maybe more. So it's well worth the money spent. I bought mine from Nail Polish Canada, you can also order the set directly from Pueen or Amazon.
What do you think of this set? I hope this post helped you on deciding whether or not you need this set :)


  1. Well, your post didn't make me any less happy about having bought these! I hope they end up in my postbox this week!

    1. Haha that's good to hear! Hope you'll get them soon!

  2. Great post Novi! I should be getting mine from NPC today. I can't wait to start playing :-)

    1. Thanks Serene! Can't wait to see what you'll do with them! :D

  3. What kind of stamper did you use with these plates? I've been having trouble picking up images even though I have no issues with my bundle monster, cheeky or moyou london plates.

    1. Hi Michelle, my stamper is the konad one from this set
      I've had it for years!

  4. Fantastic review! You're making me want these and the buffet plates as well. Maybe instead of polish I'll buy some more stamping plates.