Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Heart Season

First Valentine's Day themed mani of the year! Well..sort of. I did plan on doing some V-Day themed nail art, but I don't feel like wearing pink or red. So I did this instead. It has plenty of hearts to fit the theme, but not dominated with pink or red. I also painted a cartoon version of lovebirds on my thumb. 

I used Cirque Carpe Diem for the white base, and Memento Mori to paint the tree silhouette. I used various shades of OPI for the hearts. 

I feel like I need to do more free hand nail art, which I haven't done much lately. Even the bf commented 'what happened? you used to spend 16 hours a day painting your nails'. He obviously exaggerated the fact, but yeah I got lazy :p
Hopefully I can push myself back to do more free hand nail art! In the meantime, hope you enjoyed this :)


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