Monday, March 30, 2015

Four Seasons Owls

Happy Monday! Today I have four adorable owls on my nails, each representing a season. I just finished an owl amigurumi yesterday, that's probably why I still have owls on my mind. I know there are people who obsessed with everything owl, if that's you, I hope you like this mani! :)

I used around 20 different shades for this mani, and silly me, I've put them all back in the drawers and forgot to write down all the names. Doh! The 2 bottles I'm holding in my pics here are OPI My Vampire is Buff and Zoya Micky. I used a bunch of shades from OPI, Zoya, and Picture Polish.

Did you notice anything missing? I've only realized it as I'm writing this post that I forgot to give them feet! Poor owls, forgive me.. Lol!



  1. I think this is one my favourite mani's ever Novi! I love them!

    1. Awwe! Thank you Serene! That's really nice to hear, glad you love them! :)

  2. These are adorable!!!! I love all things owls :)