Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate Review - BP-L 004

Hi guys! Today I have another stamping plate review from Born Pretty Store. I created a stamping decal using one of the designs from plate BP-L 004, which you can find in this link, and you can use my code NVG10 to take 10% off your purchase.

I cannot say this for every single design on this plate, since I haven't tried them all. But the one I used picked up really easy. I used Mundo de Unas Black and Konad stamper. 
The plate has 21 designs, on a rectangular plate with a pink plastic backing and paper sleeve. 
The plate measurement is 12cmx6cm. The plastic backing add 1cm to the total measurement, 13cmx7cm. The design size is 1,5cmx1,7cm. The width is more than enough to fit my nails, even the thumb. The height is just enough for my current length, and a bit short to fit my thumb. 
I used the design on the top row, far right. 
I used more than a dozen polishes for this decals, I started with 7 polishes and find myself going back and forth to my melmer for more polish. I added half moon design after I put on the decals, wanted to use glitter instead of dots around the moon but couldn't find anything I like for it. 
Here's a list of polishes I used, by brands:
A England: Encore Margot, GLoriana, Fotheringhay Castle
Glam Polish: Fantasies Come True, Whirlwind, Polar Lights, Below Zero
Girly Bits: Our Lips are Sealed, Selfie Bomb, Mint-al Precision.
OPI: My Signature is DC
Picture Polish: Monroe, Tail Feather, Whimsy, Cyan, Kryptonite, Forget Me Not

I'm really loving this mani. So colorful and sparkly! My kind of nails :)

**Stamping plate was sent for my honest review


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