Monday, March 16, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Nails

After taking a long weekend break from my blog, which was unplanned.. I had a nail art post planned out, that I've been wanted to do. Like a series type of post. But just as I sat down and about to start painting, I realized that I'm running really really low on thinner. I use thinner to clean my brush during and after painting. It keeps my brush in a good condition than when using acetone. 
And today I'm back with a St. Patrick's Day mani! I didn't do anything too fancy, just a skitlelette and a mix of stamping, gradient, and some quick free hand.

I did a vertical gradient on 2 nails with OPI Christmas Gone Plaid, Zoya Josie, and Picture Polish Tiffany, then painted stack of gold on the tips with OPI Goldeneye and L.A.M.B. 
On my ring finger, I wear Girly Bits Selfie Bomb, stamped with a four leaf clover image from BM-H05 (Thanks Nail Polish Canada!). Free hand vertical rainbow stripes on my pinkie with gold frame. 
My favorite I think is my thumb. I use Glam Polish Elixir, and painted four leaf clover design using Winstonia Kolinsky brush #0000 and OPI Christmas Gone Plaid. 

What's your favorite greens to wear on St. Patrick'd Day? I posted mine on instagram :)



  1. I loooove the gradient nails! They have just the right amount of sparkle!!!

    1. Thank you! The gradient is my second favorite part of this mani :)