Friday, March 6, 2015

Lucky Stripes

Ok, so it's not really 'lucky'. I call it that because yesterday I had this thought that I need to wear a lucky polish for a meeting I went to. Since I don't have anything specific, I just chose a polish that has a word lucky in its name, OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender
Today I decided to pretty it up a bit. I sponge some glitters at the tips, Cirque Chainmail and Stella. Then I did a sort of gradient lines using three shades of purple, OPI I Carol About You, Planks A Lot, and Rumple's Wiggin', with a little bit of white thrown in the mix. It was a good practice of free-handing lines. 

Although I don't see it in person, these pics make me feel like I could've used another coat of top coat. 
How about you? Do you have a lucky polish? :)



  1. Can't say that I have a lucky polish... I have go-to polish, but nothing really lucky. And by the way... your freehanded lines are amazing!

    1. I was totally making that up! Haha. But it'd be cool if someone out there has a polish they consider as 'lucky' ;)