Monday, June 3, 2013

Rainbow Holo & Stamping

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! 

Since the sun is out today, I decided to put on holo on my nails, and topped it with stamping. I'm sure most of you already know how awesome Color Club's halo hues are. I couldn't decide which one I want to use, so I used a bunch of them at once! :)

I started with a dark base, to make the holo pop, here I used OPI Light My Sapphire. I used the polish brush and dabbed the colors randomly on the nails (I got rid most of the polish on the brush to make sure I wouldn't get big blobs of nail polish on the nail). I used 1 coat of top coat to smooth out the surface before I stamp. Stamp plate used here is Konad S6, stamped with CND Blackjack, and finished off with another coat of Poshe.



  1. do you remember which Holo Hues you used from Color Club, because the effect is AMAZING!!! I'm thinking of ordering them from Nail POlish Canada!

    1. Chris, I think I used about 8 different ones there! beyond, eternal beauty, miss bliss, kismet, cosmic fate are for sure. Just use any random ones, I'm sure they will still look awesome. Holo never disappoint! lol

  2. thanks Novita :) I will search them on NPC and they them... really, the finished effect is fantastic!