Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Floral Pastel Mani featuring Girly Bits Spring It On Me!

Hi all!

Today I just want to show you a quick mani I did, it's so feminine (maybe too feminine for my taste) but I like it! Before you move on to the pics, I apologize for the pictures quality :( I usually take my pics under natural lights, but there's barely any sunlight today, so the lightning was kinda meh.. I tried taking the pictures under artificial light, somehow my skin color looked weird,lol. I have to start making (or buying) a lightbox! Summer will be over before you know it, and I won't have good lightning for taking pictures!

Just a little trivia, Girly Bits is the first indie brand I ever own, and it was a mini size of Cosmic Ocean. I was a bit skeptical about indie polish back then, but I changed my opinion now :) 

Spring It On Me! is a glitter polish with milky base, it can be worn on it's own, but might need 2-3 coats to build up the opacity, or as a topper. It has glitters in various shapes, sizes and colors such as, tiny green dots, pastel pink, purple, and white hexes, pink and white squares. Here I layered it over OPI You're Such A Budapest.

Do you like it? If you have any question, just comment below :)


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