Friday, June 21, 2013

Picture Polish Frosting Swatches and Review

Hi guys!

It's the first day of summer!! I was planning to wear something bright today, but seeing that it's so gloomy outside I decided to try the other Picture Polish that has been sitting pretty on my desk, Frosting! Without looking at the polish, when I hear the word 'frosting', I always think of something sparkly. If you have seen the movie How to lose a guy in 10 days, you'd probably know why I think that way ;)

Frosting is a glitter polish with pink milky base, packed with small purple, fuchsia, silver hexes, and silver hearts. At first I thought the base is crelly, but it's more like a sheer creme, although it's not that sheer. I used 2 medium coats for these swatches, and be sure to wait until each coat is really dry before applying the next coat, otherwise it could be a bit draggy and cause bald spots. Drying time is quite fast even with medium coats. It dries gritty, so you might want to use extra layer of top coat for a smooth surface, I used 2 coats of Gelous and 1 coat of Poshe for extra shine. Frosting was created by Picture Polish with collaboration with Cosmetic Cupcake.

Picture Polish Frosting

Picture Polish Frosting
While browsing through the photos, I can't help to think how delicious my nails look, lol! Makes me crave for pop tarts. Then I thought how it would look with matte tc, in my head it would make them look more edible. So I slapped on my matte top coat (Butter London Matte Finish), unplugged my camera and took more photos.

Picture Polish Frosting

Picture Polish Frosting

One more thing that I like about this polish, no fishing was required to get good glitter coverage, not even for the heart glitters. I just shake the bottle before using, and that's it! I purchased mine from Nail Polish Canada, but you could also get it directly from Picture Polish website here, or Llarowe

Picture Polish Frosting
glossy vs matte
Have you purchased this polish? Do you like it glossy or matte? Let me know ;)


(ps. no nails were harm or eaten during the photo shoot)

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