Monday, June 10, 2013

Stripes and (another) Water Marble

It's Lazy Monday!

I'm feeling uninspired and a bit lazy today (hence the greeting), but I still want to do my nails..and some simple nail art. I had no idea what I wanted for my nails, I just know it has to have some purple on it. And this is what I come up with..

The water marble turned out kind of.. ok. Not lovin' it, but still cool to look at. I used OPI Anti Bleak, Need Sunglasses, and Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac. For the stripes, I used OPI You're Such a Budapest and Anti Bleak. I gave my striping tape another chance, since the new ones still on the way. It wasn't as bad this time, but there's still some silver residue left on the nail. Oh well..

Looking at my top-coated nails, I still felt like something is just not right. Lol! Have you ever get that feeling after you're finished doing your nails? So, I decided maybe they will look better mattified. And.. Voila!

I'm glad I added the matte tc. I like it better this way! Although I'm still not sure if I want to keep this mani :p What's on your nail today?


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