Saturday, April 12, 2014

A England Dancing With Nureyev

Hi guys! How's your weekend going? I'm sorry it's been quiet around here. I was having bad cuticle days, lol. Is there such thing? Well, I say there is. It's one of those days when no matter how many times I push and moisturized them, they just look thick and unappealing. 
Anyway, I have been wearing this mani I'm about to show you since yesterday. I received these polishes as a prize for Valentine nail art contest from Nail Polish Canada (thank you NPC!), and haven't had a chance to wear them until now. 

At first I was only wearing Dancing With Nureyev, plain. Although I was totally amazed by it when I went outside, I couldn't help myself, I just need to do some nail art on it. Since this collection consists of delicate looking polishes, I just did a simple nail art. I kinda love them. I did a half moon chevron (or reverse chevron?) with the rest of the shades from the collection (Encore Margot, Fonteyn, & Her Rose Adagio). All was done with a nail art brush, topped with HK Girl top coat.

Ballerina collection was released in 2013, and there are plenty of swatches out there. Would you still be interested in seeing swatches for them here? 
Anyway, lets wander off topic for a bit before I close this post. I just want to say that this is the perfect nail length for me! I'm totally comfortable with it, and it doesn't look super nubs even though I barely have a mm of free edge.What is the nail length (and shape) you love and prefer/wish to have? Let me know in the comment :)
Ok, now you can go on an enjoy the rest of your weekend again! 



  1. You can never have enough swatch pix of these beauties :D
    I am not sure about my perfect nail length, yet. I had some peeling/breaking on a couple nails for awhile, but now they are all very long, where it is hard to type on a regular keyboard, LOL! So I need to go shorter, but I hate to, since I feel like my nail beds are on the small side, and I like to actually have something to paint! Gonna have to take off some length though. :S

  2. Sorry forgot to add I like the art with all the ballerina colors :)

  3. Love this, it's so beautiful. Please do swatches!