Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Roses & Triangle Color Block

Hi everyone! Did you ever do a mani that you don't like but ended up wearing it longer than you plan to? I did this time, 2 full days! (that's a long time for me).
I originally planned this mani for a guest post, but seeing how I felt about it I decided not to submit it. I thought I'd just post it here anyway, maaaybe someone other than me will like it .

I did a triangle color block over a white base, without a tape, Then painted a thin line to separate each color. I should have stopped there, but no... I added a rose on each tip, Which is probably what made me like it less. BUT, I like how bright and colorful it is! 

Product used:
Base/top coat: Duri Rejuvocate/HK Girl
OPI My Boyfriend Scales The Wall
Picture Polish Hot lips
Picture Polish Citrus
Picture Polish Twinkle
Picture Polish Peaches n' Cream
Picture Polish Badass
Picture Polish Flirt
Picture Polish Tiffany
OPI Jade is The New Black



  1. I love this mani. I love the color-blocking! You did it without tape too? That's crazy, I can't paint a straight line.

    I do think I'd like it better without the roses, but it's still super cute.

    1. Thanks Deb! I totally agree the roses ruined the look haha..oh well!