Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ants Attack!

Hi guys! Yesterday I received my first Mundo de Unas (MdU) stamping polishes in the mail, 12 of them. So naturally I just had to try them right away. 

I started with a neutral base, using Lime Crime Milky Ways. I used 2 images from Pueen 45 for this mani, the one on top of the plate that looked like a cracked surface and the small ant on the bottom right. I thought those 2 images would be a good match. Just don't try to squish your screen, ok? :p

I used several colors to stamp the larger image. They are MdU #5, 16, 21, 39, and 50, and stamp the ant over it with MdU #2. Finished the design with my favorite top coat, HK Girl from Glisten & Glow. 

From this first try, Mundo de Unas lived up to expectation, the good and the bad. The good, stamps VERY well and very opaque. I tried to use as little as possible as suggested, and it still spread evenly. I have to try them over a dark base next time. 
The only bad is the smell. Although I have to admit, it's not as bad as I thought it would be, but still there's a weird smell. Kinda like gasoline but not as bad, it didn't bother me.