Thursday, June 5, 2014

BPS Water Decals Review & Neon Mixed

Hi guys! Another late night post here.. I have been postponing this post for a few days, it's not often that I get a not too great experience in trying new nail related product. But I guess, there's always a first to everything. 
This is my first experience playing with nails water decals, I have always preferred stamping or free hand nail art, but I've seen so many beautiful mani created with water decals, whether it be just one or two accent nails, or full manicure. So when BornPrettyStore asked me to choose products to review, I chose water decal as one of them. I played around with temporary tattoos when I was a kid, it worked the same as the instruction on the decal, so I thought this should be a quick one to do. I was wrong. 

The decal I received can be found here, item #1580. The set came as 1 sheet of sticker that you can cut out into 10 pieces. No room for error here if you're planning to do a full mani with it. I followed the instruction, paint the base color and let them dry (which I found out that it has to be white because the decal is not opaque), wet the nail surface and soak the decal 10-20 secs in a lukewarm water, place the decal on the nail. After this step, I find that sometimes the decal stick to the nail and sometimes it doesn't. 
I waited until the decal is completely dry before applying top coat. Here where I get more issues. I tried 3 different top coat, 2 quick dry and 1 regular top coat. 1 of the quick dry top coat just didn't work, it totally melted the decal. The other two gave a similar result as you can see on my index and middle nail, they gave the 'distressed' look. 

I ended up using the decals for 2 accent nails, since I pretty much ruined the rest of them. It took longer for me to apply 2 decals than to do the other 3 nails. I did a dry brush technique using 4 OPI Neons. 

I know a lot of you had good experience with water decals, maybe I just happen to get a dud? Anyway I won't boycott it entirely, but I sure won't try it again anytime soon! Lol. I do have another set that's not a full nail decal, and I got it elsewhere. Gonna try that when I forget about this one. 
What are your thoughts? 


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