Monday, January 20, 2014

Glittered Sniffany

Hi guys!!

Today I'm wearing a simple mani, started with just a plain cream, Sniffany from I Love Nail Polish. It's a beautiful classic tiffany color. The formula is pretty good, a bit streaky at  first coat but even out completely on the second coat. 
Then I looked at my little stash of glequins that I've never touched. I got them from a night market months ago. So I decided to practice on my glitter placement. Be kind, ok? ;). It's a bit tricky to plan ahead if the design I wanted to make would fit in all nails, or how to tweak them so they still look close enough. 

ILNP Sniffany

ILNP Sniffany

ILNP Sniffany

ILNP Sniffany
I only used one thick coat of top coat here. They would need 2 cot to get a really smooth surface, but I'm almost on my last drops of HK Girl top coat and won't get the new bottle until tomorrow. So this will have to do! Also, I really need better lightning when doing my nails! I always notice the parts that needed more clean up when I was editing the photos (argh!). 
Hope you have a good Monday!


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