Sunday, January 12, 2014

Swatches: ILNP Sweet Serenade

Hi guys!

Today I'm showing you another polish from my untried stash, Sweet Serenade from I Love Nail Polish brand. I just noticed most of my new polishes are blue, in different shades and finish. I must really like blues! :p

Sweet Serenade is a multichrome effect polish, but to me it's a little different than most of the color shifting polish I have. It's definitely not crazy shifting like Birefringence, where you can see multiple color on the nails at once. But it does change color in different lightning or in different hand positions. I noticed that after I finished painting my nails and went to do something in the kitchen, and of course it distracted me from what I was about to do, lol. 
I used 3 thin coats of the polish and HK Girl top coat here. Most of the time it just looks blue, but on occasion I did see it turn to green or purple. The blue and violet sparkles add a little something to the finish. 

ILNP Sweet Serenade

ILNP Sweet Serenade

ILNP Sweet Serenade

ILNP Sweet Serenade
Sweet Serenada, along with other ILNP polishes can be purchased directly from their website here. There are so many beautiful colors and finishes to choose from. I know I still have quite a few on my wish list as well ;)
Hope you're enjoying your weekend!