Friday, January 17, 2014

Mix 'n Match: Whimsy, SIren Song, & Imperial

Hi guys!

Today I'm playing with some of my most loved piCture pOlish shade, Whimsy, Siren Song, and Imperial. I wanted to do some sort of skittle or mix 'n match mani with them, but I'm drawing blank on what to do. 
I finally started with a gradient using Whimsy and Siren Song. Just looking at the two, I knew they would make a gorgeous gradient. I was right. The only downside, the silver flakes/glitter were a pain to clean up, lol. I thought I got them all, but while editing the pics, I can see some still stuck around my nails (sorry about that!). I used striping tape and Imperial over the gradient to create the 2 accent nails. 

Click here for swatches of Siren Song.
Click here for swatches of Whimsy.
Click here for swatches of Imperial.


1 comment:

  1. 3 gorgeous colours! I want them all! Love how your middle and ring fingers look :)