Monday, January 27, 2014

Heart-Moon Mani (And a Step-by-Step Pictorial)

Hi guys!

So, I just got 5 of OPI Gwen Stefani collection today, I'm missing 2 more and I wanted to have them all. That's why I'm not posting swatches yet. Instead, I did a simple mani with 2 of them. This can also be a v-day mani idea, if you're not into all red and pink nails. I call it a heart-moon mani, because well, it's just a modified half-moon mani. And I'm not very creative with names :p

I used 4 in the Morning and Hey Baby for this mani. Tools I used are a medium size liner brush, a smaller liner or detail brush, and 2 sizes or dotting tools. 
Since the base color I use here is a satin finish, I didn't top coat it. So you will see some imperfection in there. You can just change and use a regular creme polish so you can top coat it if you want. 

I made a step-by-step pictorial for this mani. Hope it would help if you're interested in recreating this.

Paint your nail with the base color of your preference. Here I'm using 2 coats of OPI 4 in the Morning

With a medium liner brush, paint a half moon shape near your cuticle. Don't worry about getting a crisp edge of your half moon. I'm using OPI Hey Baby here.

Using the bigger size of your dotting tool, place 2 dots in the middle edge of your half moon.

Now using a smaller size dotting tool, place 2 more dots on each side of the big dots. 
I also fixed the uneven part using the dotting tool, just dab gently to get more coverage. I know it looks messy here, but I promise it won't look this bad when you finished :)

Using a detail brush or a small liner brush and the base color (OPI 4 in the Morning), draw a heart outline shape in the middle.

Do the same with the two hearts on each side, and you're done! :)

So, what do you think? Would you wear this mani? 



  1. It's so cute! I would totally rock that mani! Thank you for sharing and for the tutorial! =)

  2. I love this! I know it's meant to be hearts but to me it actually looks more like a flower :)

    1. They do look like flowers, now that you mentioned it ;)

  3. This is cute! I thought the hearts were stickers at first! Haha, love it

    1. Lol! Thanks! I can see why you think they are stickers :p