Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Colors by Llarowe The Bald and The Beautiful Duo

Hi guys!

I have two new prettys to share with you today. I received these in the middle of the 31 day challenge, and didn't get around to swatch them, although I used them for one of my challenge. These polishes were created by Leah Ann in honor of Talia Joy, ALL the proceed from these polishes goes to charity. Beautiful polishes for a great cause! Isn't that wonderful?! 

The Bald and The Beautiful (B&B) duo consists of one glitter polish, a raspberry jelly based packed with purple glitters and holographic micro glitter, and a blue shade with pink/fuchsia shimmer. Both are labeled the same. I hear that the blue shimmer one is now discontinued due to limited pigments or something. But she will create another new one to pair with the duo. 'As long as people are buying them, I will keep making them' says Leah Ann. Such a wonderful person, you will have many good karma your way, Leah Ann!

Anyway, let's see photos, shall we? 

The glitter B&B has a thick formula, but nothing a few drops of thinner can't fix. I used two coats here without undies, and one coat of Poshe.

This shimmery blue has a jelly like formula, but not as sheer as jelly, and it dries semi matte. I used 3 thin coats and 1 coat of OTD top coat here.

I think my photos didn't do these polishes enough justice. In person, the glitter is more sparkly, and the shimmer is a bit more intense. But this is the best my current camera can do without altering the pics, so I hope you understand :) It disappoint me when I can't represent the colors and effect as close as I see them in person.

The Bald & The Beautiful can be purchased here. And don't forget to like their facebook page so you won't miss the info about the upcoming B&B shade. Remember, it's for a good cause! :)


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