Monday, March 3, 2014

Pueen 73

Hi lovelies!

Happy Monday! Today's post is a simple stamping to extend my mani from my previous post. After swatching all my monthlies EP, I decided to do a full mani with December 2013. I also have been itching to try my new Pueen plates, I bought the buffet set as soon as Nail Polish Canada has them.
With a neutral shade as my base, I wanted to do a delicate stamping, and this set as a few plates to choose from, and I went with plate 73 and used Enchanted Polish Holiday 2013 as the stamping polish. I was happy to see that the details picked up quite nicely, even though I didn't use a special stamping polish. 

If you're new in using a full image plate like this, there's a trick to get rid of the unwanted design you get on your stamper. I've tried 2 ways; 
First is to remove the unwanted part on the stamper using a q-tip dipped in remover. But I find this only works when you're using stamping polish, or a thick goopy polish that doesn't dry too fast.
Another way, is to stamp the whole thing on your nail, and use scotch tape to pick up the unwanted part from your nail. Your base polish has to be completely dry to do this. You can also use this trick if you made a mistake and want to redo the stamp.

This set is currently out of stock in Nail Polish Canada, but they are also selling the plate individually, which is great if you only want to get a couple that you like. Also check out Harlow & Co. (ships worldwide), Amazon and Pueen on bigcartel for availability.