Monday, August 12, 2013

Textured Filigree On Gradient

Hi guys!!

Hope your weekend was awesome! Let's start off this week with some nail art shall we? ;) The mani I'm showing you today is using the rest of my OPI San Francisco shades that I haven't shown you yet, Peace & Love & OPI, Embarca-Dare Ya!, and Alcatraz..Rocks. I ended up  loving the gradient combo more than I anticipated, it reminds me of christmast ornament. The color shifting in Peace & Love & OPI makes me love it even more! All pictures were taken under artificial lightning.

I was tempted t leave it as is, but I planned to do a design on it. I might wear this gradient combo again another time. Now, this is one of those mani that look pretty in person, but not so much in pictures. I don't mind the textured felling on my nails, so this doesn't bother me. It just makes me rub my nails often to feel the design, lol.

And I added top coat. The top coat makes the design looks more visible in person, and more sparkly as well. I used 1 coat of Gelous and 1 coat of Poshe.

But where are the swatches..? you asked. Here's a good news (maybe only good new for me :p) I'll be getting a light box! It should get here tomorrow, hopefully! I'm so excited,  my indoor lightning is kind of crappy, this will fix the lightning inconsistency on my photos, and most likely improve the quality as well. I'm hoping this will be a cheaper fix  to better my pictures than to upgrade my camera, which I'm not ready to do ;) So swatches for these will be coming soon!



  1. How did you do this gradient? Did you use sponges or just the polish itself?

    1. Hi Megs! I used make-up sponge and dabbed the magenta shade (Embarca-dare Ya) over Peace&Love&OPI :)