Tuesday, September 17, 2013

31DC2013 Day 17: Glitter

Hello hello!

It's glitter day! I've been kicking myself for not investing in some glequin so I can do some pretty glitter placement mani that I've been wanting to try for a while. Today would have been so perfect for it!
But then I remember some ladies mentioned that the big hexes in OPI When Monkey Fly are not curled anymore! So I thought I'd break that out and use it today for the first time. At first, I just layered it over OPI Don't Burst My Bubble. But I didn't like it.. it felt too plain, lol. So I decided to do a glitter placement with it instead. I know they'll probably, most likely look much better over a dark base. But I'm in the mood for sheer color, so I kept using OPI Don't Burst My Bubble for the base.

It only took a little time for me to get the hang of it, and I really enjoyed it. Now I must get me those pretty glequin from BornPrettyStore! After placing all the hexes, I sealed it with top coat to make sure they stay in place. Then I I apply another layer of When Monkey Fly (but I made sure there are no big hexes on the brush) to get the smaller holographic glitter on top, it adds even more sparkles! :)


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