Thursday, September 12, 2013

31DC2013 Day 12: Stripes

Hi guys!

We're on to day 12 of the challenge, and I'm getting lazy.. hopefully just for today :p. For my stripes mani, I resorted to striping tape. I was just way too lazy too think! I hope I'm not burnt out on ideas when it's not even half way yet, lol!

The shades I used for this mani are The Bald & The Beautiful from Colors by Llarowe. I will be doing a separate post for swatches of these polishes. They really are SO gorgeous! My pics did not do them justice. I just went out for a late night walk with the bf, showed him my mani under the street lights, he said under this low lightning outside and he could see that it's so sparkly! :)

I hope this counts as stripes mani :p I use striping tape over the glitter and paint over it with the blue shimmer polish (both are called The Bald & The Beautiful, just in case you didn't know). For my accent nail, I free-handed the heart and painted stripes over the heart. Kinda look like barberque'd heart hahah.. 

What do you think? :)