Sunday, September 8, 2013

31DC2013 Day 8: Metallic Nails

Hi guys!

We passed the first week of the challenge! Phew.. However, the second week starts with a theme that I do not care about, metallic. I'm not a fan of metallic nails, nor do I own any foils or studs that I can use to metal-ize (is that even a word? lol) today's mani. 
Soo.. the only thing I could think of is using my magnetic polish. I also used gold nail polish, and gold flakes top coat to add a little something to the overall look. 

All the polishes I used today happen to come from the same collection, James Bond by OPI. The magnetic polish is Is That Silva?, Goldeneye for the gold polish, and The Man With The Golden Gun for the gold flakes top coat. 

This is the simplest mani I've done so far during this challenge, and yet I've managed to smudged every.single.nail! Yup, I had to re-do all of them. One at a time. Not a good day to paint my nails I guess.. 
I'm excited for tomorrow's challenge! I think we'll be seeing many gorgeous mani tomorrow ;)