Wednesday, September 4, 2013

piCture pOlish 9 Week Review: #2 Hot Lips

Hi guys!

It's Wednesday! Means I'm going to review another one of piCture pOlish shade :) 
Since summer is almost over here, I wanted to do all the bright shades I have first. This week it's Hot Lips
Hot Lips is a bright pink neon. This is the best pink neon I own, formula wise. We all know neon can be a pain in the butt to apply, streaky or needing a white base. This one is neither! The formula has a squishy jelly feel, which makes it easy to apply. I used 3 thin coats and top coat for the swatches here. 

Hot Lips

Hot Lips

Hot Lips
Another thing with neon polish, it is impossible to get an accurate pic! This one is no different. I took SO many pics with different light setting, camera setting, and none of them look close, lol! I considered doing some color correcting in photoshop, but then decided against it. So you'll just have to take my words for it that it is much more pink and brighter in person :p

I almost didn't want to do a nail art with this, since I still have to think of something for my 31 day challenge haha! But hey, how about just a simple nail art? ;) I used piCture pOlish Whimsy and Violet Femme and placed random triangles over my Hot Lips mani.  

Hot Lips and other piCture pOlish & Ozotic shades can be purchased directly from their website, they ship worldwide, you can check their shipping rate here. If you live outside of Australia, (piCture pOlish is based in Australia), check out their network page to see which distributor is closer to you. Lastly, don't forget to follow and subscribe to piCture pOlish social media below :)
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**product is provided for my honest review

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  1. What a lovely shade of pink! I don't own any picture polish but I love their colors and hope to get some soon :)