Monday, September 23, 2013

31DC2013 Day 23: Inspired By a Movie

Hi guys!!

Movie day!! This is the challenge that I'm most excited but also terrified at the same time. There are so many movies to pick from, but I kept reminding myself that I'll be doing it on a tiny canvas, so pick carefully! Haha..
The movie I chose was the first disney animated movie, but I could be wrong, lol. All I remember, I was so in awe when watching it for the first time. Now I have to watch it again!! :D

 I chose 4 (and a half) of my top favorite character from the movie to feature on my nails :) Little green man on my index, who doesn't love these little guys?? And of course the main character, Buzz and Woddy! And don't forget Mr. Potato Head ;) Now I just want to rush and finish this post so I can watch the movie :p

Did you notice I said 4 and a half? That's because I only had Slinky's head on my thumb below the movie's logo :D Please forgive what I've done with Buzz & Woddy's faces, or the lack of face. I just couldn't give more details on them with my brush.

I'm not sure if you'd be interested in the colors used here. I blend some shades to get the colors I need, but don't have. My base color here is OPI My Vampire Is Buff. Let me know in the comment if you would like me to list the colors, and I will add them to my post! :)