Monday, August 5, 2013

Striping Tape Mani & Houndstooth

Hello again! :)

I wasn't planning to do another post today, but I broke a nail :( It's on my right hand, but I just couldn't bear having nails in uneven length, so I clipped them all. I missed my nubbins, so I think I'm kinda happy that I was forced to clipped them short. And I just feel like I need to pretty them up a notch. 

I used striping tape to create the design on my index, middle, and ring nails, and Bundle Monster BM-322 on my thumb and pinkie. All the design and stamping were done with ILNP Brand Cosmic Barney. I must say, using striping tape without a tweezers is such a pain! So I really recommend you to use one when playing with your striping tape.

Hope you guys like it!! <3



  1. I love this mani!! Houndstooth is my favorite print ever, and to mix it with holos and stripes? That's awesome! ;D

    1. I love it too! Can't believe I've only used it now :)