Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hearts & Diamonds Gradient

Hi guys!

Today I want to share with you this gradient mani with a twist. I've seen this look floating around on instagram, not exactly the same one, just the idea, and I wanted to try it. I did this late last night, and now in the light of day, I can see the imperfection more clearly..oh well. 
Also, sorry about my yucky cuticles. Some of them have been so stubborn! I don't clip my cuticles, usually I just moisturize and soften them so I can push it back. But that doesn't seem to do the trick, they are extra dry and some are a little ragged :( We'll see, hope I could fix this soon. It bothers me so much! 

Anyway, here it is..

Products used:
piCture pOlish Tiffany
Zoya Rocky
OPI Suzi's Hungary Again!

Quick explanation of what I did to get this look, first off, I did the normal sponge gradient over a white base with all 3 shades, top coat and let them dry.
Then, I made a heart shaped hole on a scotch tape, placed it on a fully dry nail, and sponged another gradient but with only 2 shades, the top and bottom ones. Same goes with the diamond print.
I waited until the second gradient is dry before top coating it, as I was afraid it would smear if I didn't. Thats it!!

What do you think? Love it/hate it? Will you try this look? I think it's really cool, plus you can just do whatever shape you want or easier to make.


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