Monday, August 5, 2013

Colors by Llarowe Zipper

Hi guys!

Today I want to share with you my new pretty from Llarowe personal line, Colors by Llarowe, Zipper. Although this one is a little bit different than what I expected, I still like it a lot. It's a bad habit of mine to not look or read thoroughly whenever I really want something, I just looked at the swatch pic on the website and ordered it, didn't even read the color description there,lol. I was thinking that this would be a gorgeous light baby blue holo. Well, I wasn't entirely wrong, it is gorgeous, but it's a dusty light blue holo. Which is also great, cause I don't have anything like it! 

Zipper, as I mentioned, is a dusty light blue with a soft holographic effect. Do not expect to get that in-your-face holo effect from this polish. I still love it though, it looks so feminine and clean. The formula is on a sheer side, but you can build it to opacity. Here I used 2 thin coats, 1 medium coat, and a top coat. I find the first 2 thin coats I applied was a little bit streaky, so I decided to use medium coat, and that last one even it out perfectly. I personally work better with medium coats. 

Here's how Zipper looks in natural lightning

CbL Zipper
Artificial lightning

CbL Zipper

CbL Zipper

Direct sunlight

CbL Zipper

CbL Zipper
Zipper was initially released to be a limited edition shade, but due to high demand, Leah Ann has moved this into her core lcollection. Yay! Check out all her gorgeous creation here, and don't forget to like her facebook page to get restock and pre-order info for this line. Colors by Llarowe retail for USD6.00 - USD12.00.



  1. its beautiful! i read a comment from FB that someone didnt purchase it because it was too much like Whimsy!! boy, she is mistaken! they are not a all alike! :) cant wait to get Zipper in the mail! thanks for the great posts!

    1. They are not even close, and have different finish! Both are pretty though :)

  2. It's so pretty! I like it the best in the sun.