Wednesday, August 28, 2013

piCture pOlish 9 Week Review: #1 Citrus

Hi guys!

I'm SO excited to share with you guys that piCture pOlish has chosen me as one of the blogger to participate in their 9 week blogger review! I'm not sure how many bloggers are participating in this. So basically, every Wednesday  for 9 week long, I'll be sharing my swatches and review (and possibly some nail art too) of one piCture pOlish shade.

This week, I'm starting with this bright, yummy color, Citrus! 

Citrus is a bright neon orange. For me, the formula on this one is pretty thick, I managed to get a good opacity and streak-less coverage in 2 thin coats and 1 medium coat. Due to the thickness in formula, I would suggest using light pressure while applying it. I used 1 coat of Poshe on my swatch photos for extra shine. All photos were taken in a light box.



I also did some tape-dots mani using just Citrus and a white nail polish. I started with a white base, and after they dried completely, using striping tape I created a color block and carefully filled in the sides with orange, then pulled the tape right away while the polish is still wet, leaving the middle part with a white triangle shape. Using several sizes of dotting tool and Citrus, I randomly placed the dots in the white area, and using a smaller dotting tool and white nail polish, I placed a small dot over the several bigger dots. I waited a little bit until everything is dry and added top coat.

Citrus and other piCture pOlish shades can be purchased directly from their website, they ship worldwide, you can check their shipping rate here. If you live outside of Australia, (piCture pOlish is based in Australia), check out their network page to see which distributor is closer to you. Lastly, don't forget to follow and subscribe to piCture pOlish social media below :)

**product is provided for my honest review


  1. I love Citrus. I had to buy it after seeing Pointless Cafe's swatches. Yours are great too! :)
    I also find it to be on the thick side. But it makes up for it with it's intense orange craziness.
    I love the nail art. Now I really want some Cheetos...

  2. Lovely swatch! I'm not sure if I could pull off the orange or if I'd like it. I love all manner of colours, but yellows and oranges aren't really my thing...yet.

    1. Maybe the right orange shade could change your mind ;)